Monday, June 15, 2015

Transferres Happened!"I

"I didn't expect to end up here!"
Hello everyone!!

I'm sure you're all just so excited to hear about this transfer! The last couple of days have been an adventure, to say the very least, but so incredible. First off, I'm training another new missionary! And she's just so incredible! Her name is Sister Ashcroft from Springville, Ut. and she's already talking to people who we pass on the street and offering to serve people in the grocery store. She's got it. To make a funny but very long story short, I didn't know I would be training until 10:40 pm the night before transfer meeting. But it was a pretty nice surprise! And when President was talking to me he promised that I'd be going to a really great area. And here I am, in Camden, DE! And I'm loving every second.

So we doubled in to an Elders' area. The Zone Leaders' area. And so we didn't know a single person here. So most of our efforts the last few days have been spent trying to contact those who the Elders have been teaching and I've been learning a whole lot and meeting a lot of incredible missionaries. First, this experience is helping me become so much more comfortable with talking to everyone because we literally came to this area knowing NO ONE. But we've been very blessed. The Bishop of the Camden Ward and his wife took us out to dinner our first night here and we were able to talk about all of the people who we'd be working with and we found out that this ward hasn't had Sisters in 20 years, so everyone is either really excited or still a little bit hesitant.

We've been very blessed to meet a lot of incredible people. First on that list is a woman named Sister Webb. She had us for dinner our 2nd day here and was so shocked to have Sisters show up at her door! Her husband actually opened the door yelled "AAAHHH, SISTER MISSIONARIES." And shut the door. Hahahah, they opened it right back up, but that's probably an accurate description of how everyone else has felt too. But she told us that she feels like we're her daughters and it made me feel so warm and happy. And that's the overall feeling of this entire ward. Everyone just loves. So much.

We've also had a TON of service opportunities. I've worn pants three times this week. I haven't worn pants in 4 months. That's how much quality service we got in. We happened to show up at the church at the same time as a member of the ward who was unloading furniture for a ward yard sale and so we were able to help her out then and the next day with organizing. And then we were able to help a non member in the area pack up her house to move. She used to meet with missionaries, and she's not too interested right now, but we were able to teach and testify about how Heavenly Father has been speaking to her through the Holy Ghost. It was an amazing experience. 

Sorry for the long update, I'm just super excited about the new area and the new adventures and everything! I'm going to add some pictures so everyone can see how different my new area really is. Hahahah, enjoy! My new address is also below, so feel free to send me all of the letters you've been saving.

I love you all!
Sister Petrick

Her new home


Sister Rachel Petrick
16 Park Lane
Dover, DE. 19904

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