Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Monday, July 27, 2015



I have so many fun things to share with everyone this week! First, I'm in a trio again! That was kind of a shock, but we got Sister Van Arsdale on Wednesday. :) She's from Bountiful and she's awesome, we've been having a ton of fun and getting work done.

One part of missionary work that I have come to love is working with the members of the ward. In the Camden Ward we have so many people who are willing and excited to come out teaching with us, and it is such a blessing! Members add so much to our lessons. The hard thing is that as missionaries we move around. We're not here to stay. It's so important that the new members and those investigating have a friendly, constant face at church. This Ward goes above and beyond with their fellow- shipping efforts and we've been able to see miracles.

I was lucky enough to go out with a Sister in our Ward named Cindy Goodman. Sister Goodman was baptized almost a year and a half ago and she's going to the temple next Saturday to take out her endowments and she's basically the sweetest thing you'll ever see. When she got in the car with me she told me how nervous she was but she said "this is
the Lord's work and you're the Lord's servant, so I know that I'm in good hands." That simple testimony set the feeling for the whole day.

We were able to share the message of the Restoration with a man and Sister Goodman's testimony really solidified his understanding. I could see his understanding of the priesthood pop into place and I know that it's because this sweet woman went out of her way, went out of her comfort zone, to share what she knows to be true. Members bring
miracles! Every time, and I'd like to encourage all of you, if you're able, to go out teaching with the missionaries. I can promise that they will so greatly appreciate the offer.

We also had a powerful experience as we were doing stop bys last night. We have an investigator named Eugene who we've only briefly met. He's hard to catch and we haven't actually taught him just yet,
but we found him home and set up an appointment! Eugene works at the
car wash that we go to and the Elders started talking to him one day and gave him a Book of Mormon. He started reading and he LOVES it! He is obsessed with Mosiah. As we were talking I just kept having the thought to invite him to be baptized, and with how their comments were going, I could tell my companions had the same thought. We worked so
well together as we invited him to be baptized and explained more about the priesthood power he said "My baptism wasn't valid, I need to be baptized again!" It was incredible! He understood exactly why the priesthood is so vital and asked us to come back next week.

I love this gospel with every fiber of my being. I'm so grateful for this chance that I have to serve my Savior and learn how to follow him. Every day I realize how far from perfect I am, I realize a new
inadequacy or weakness, but I can say that I know that I can be strengthened by the infinite atonement that Christ suffered for each one of us individually. He knows us and how to help us perfectly. All
we have to do is ask and seek His help, but He's always there.


Sister Rachel Petrick

Monday, July 20, 2015

Another Transfer in Camden

Hi everybody!

I didn't mention it last week but Friday we received our transfer calls. I didn't mention it because since I'm training and in a brand new area I didn't expect to get told I was leaving. And I was right, both Sister Ashcraft and I will be staying in Camden for another 6 weeks! But there are going to be some changes. We had two extra beds delivered to our apartment. No one has said anything about them, but it looks like we will be getting a couple more roommates! So whatever happens is going to be really exciting.

This week worked us hard. We came home happy and completely and utterly exhausted each and every night. It's getting hot here. And not just hot, humid. Basically you walk outside and it's like you hit a wall and you feel sticky and wet from head to toe. But we go out and walk and knock and preach and teach because we have the gospel and everyone needs it!! And we have been blessed! One night we picked a neighborhood and decided we were going to talk to everyone. We picked a message to use and went out. We probably watched the Because He Lives video about 20 times, but it was completely worth it. No
immediate success there, but lots of planted seeds and we were led where we needed to be. As we were walking around we came to the door of a former investigator, Zach, and decided to try him. He answered the door and I kid you not, he was glowing. He had the light of Christ in him and he was just a breath of fresh air!! I love the people here, but in general the east coast is not happy and friendly like Utah. But Zach was so happy to see us! We asked to share our message with him and as we started the video, we don't know how and didn't realize it until after we started it, but the video changed to Because of Him. Zach immediately commented on something he saw and said he already loved the video after seeing about two seconds. We testified of Christ and he invited us back for this upcoming week! As we walked away we both had no idea how the video was switched on our iPads but there was no doubt in our minds that it was completely the Spirit's doing.

We also have an incredible new investigator, Kenzie. She's the cousin of our investigator Madeline. They're both granddaughters of a less active member of the ward. We went to teach Madeline and Kenzie was there and LOVED it. She showed up to church with them (the first time we had seen them at church this transfer) and told us she asked her
mom if she could be baptized! Her mom isn't quite on board yet, but with Kenzie's faith I just know that it will all work out. Kenzie was also able to receive a blessing at church for a surgery that she's going to have this week. That was an incredible experience. Both men involved are men who I have come to love and respect so much. They asked me if I would say a prayer to invite the spirit for them. As I said the prayer I felt an overwhelming feeling that Kenzie would be okay, with the surgery and baptism. As the blessing was given I again just felt so overwhelmed with how much my testimony of the priesthood
has grown. Nothing would be possible without the priesthood power and I am so grateful to have so many men in my life who are worthy to hold such an incredible responsibility.

Other exciting things this week include me losing (and thankfully finding) my scriptures, me losing(and again, thankfully finding) all of our church and house keys, a run in with the cops(we were 100% safe), we set a couple of baptismal dates, and we got a little too curious with a couple of the HUGE bugs here(probably more dangerous than when we're were with the cops).

I just want you all to know that being a missionary is the greatest experience I've ever had! It is the best choice anyone could make. The memories and friendships I'm making will last for eternity and my love and testimony of my Savior and His gospel is growing each and every day. I'm so grateful for the truthfulness of this gospel and for the was that I know lives are changed as we follow these principles. I love you all so much and I'm so grateful for all the love and prayers.

Sister Rachel Petrick
16 Park Lane
Dover, DE. 19904

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Monday, July 13, 2015

Baptism, Silverfish, and Beetles oh my...


It's been a good week!

First, I had a couple of people ask me about Lillian. She is sure something special! When we went back to teach her she wasn't home. That was a little bit discouraging, but the member, Pops, who was with us gave us some really good advice. He said that he was pretty sure that most of the bad days and hard times that we're given are to test our faith. They're not always because these people don't want to talk with us, it's just so Heavenly Father can check and see if we'll keep pushing through. But it was still pretty sad that she wasn't home. Last night we also had a really great new investigator cancel on us and we decided to then walk off the two dinners that we  had and walked to Lillian's house. She opened the door and quickly invited us inside, which we weren't quite expecting. We had decided just to teach her about the basics of what the Book of Mormon is and to read through the introduction. As we began, we noticed ways that we were able to apply the points of the Restoration. We taught her the entire Restoration as we read through the introduction and as we finished she said "I'm going to have to pray about this." Before we even invited her to! We testified that we knew that Heavenly Father would answer her prayer and that He would tell her that the Book of Mormon is true. She's unfortunately going out of town and we won't see her for a while, but she is just an incredible woman and I love her to death! 

Sister Ashcraft and I have also been trying really hard to apply the idea of talking to EVERYONE. And we've been doing a lot better. Sometimes it's so intimidating to just go up to large groups of people on the street and start a conversation, but it's brought us miracles this week. One instance in particular we were stopping by the house of a new ward member and we saw a group of teenage girls and both felt like we needed to talk to them. We went over and showed them Because He Lives and they all LOVED it. And they asked us to sing them a song, so we picked I Stand All Amazed, and when we asked if we could come back they all said yes and told us to come back the next day!! We're really excited to see how meeting with them goes. 

We were also lucky enough to be a part of the baptism of our little Juliet Belmonte. Juliet is an adorable 10 year old girl. Her mom is a member and her step dad and 8 year old twin siblings got baptized in March and she wasn't ready so we've been teaching her and yesterday was such a special day as we were able to watch her make these special covenants with Heavenly Father. She was radiating as she came up out of that font! Something not so fun - Sister Ashcraft and I were cleaning out the font before the service and something about Delaware is that there are TONS of bugs. Tons of HUGE bugs. And there are these creepy crawly bugs that are called Silverfish and just count your lucky stars that they're not in Utah because they are the worst things you'll ever see. Don't worry, I'll add a picture. But there was a silverfish about 4 inches long in the font and trying to get it out was terrifying. That's all, but the service was wonderful and Juliet is baptized and she's a member of the church now!!

My testimony of this gospel has grown so much since I've come out on my mission. I am so grateful for the trust that Heavenly Father has placed in me. I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God and that by reading it we can come to know the Savior so well. I know that as we follow his example we can be forgiven of all of our sins and shortcomings and I know that this is his work. 

I love you all!
Sister Rachel Petrick 

Sister Rachel Petrick
16 Park Lane
Dover, DE. 19904

Monday, July 6, 2015

July 6, 2015

So this week has been one of those weeks where I feel like so much has happened and I'm so exhausted but at the same time I have no idea what to write about. So bear with me. :) 

This Sunday we had a mission fast for baptism. In January we set a goal to have 660 baptisms in 2015. That's a lot. And it comes to 3 per missionary. And we're halfway through the year and behind in our goal. So we all fasted! And I was very grateful for that opportunity. I have a strong testimony of fasting. I have seen miracles, I have heard miracle stories, and I know that when we fast with a prayer in our heart that fast will be answered. It's just a matter of us looking and listening. But Sister Ashcraft and I saw MIRACLES. We found a few new investigators that we are so excited about. 

We first talked to a man named Garret who was working up the street from where we live. The people who he was working for didn't seem too happy to see us, we found out later that they thought we were Jehovah's Witnesses, but Sister Ashcraft did her best talking to them while I talked with Garret. He asked about our tags and I was able to tell him a little bit about our church and about the Book of Mormon. He took it gladly and wrote our names and number in it and we're going to call later this week to set up an appointment. 

The next is a woman named Lillian. She was a former investigator who we decided to contact. When she answered the door she was kind of hesitant, but as I asked to share Because He Lives with her she opened up and let us in. She met with the Elders a long while ago and was excited to talk with us about Christ and his Atonement. She is a special lady. She loves the Savior so much and we can see that in her. We told her about the Book of Mormon as well and was able to give her a copy and she invited us back to tell her more about it later.

And then there's Kelly. She is incredible. She's come to church the last two weeks with a member of the ward who she works with and we have dinner with that member every Sunday night so we've gotten to know her a little bit. Yesterday as we were talking she had a lot of questions about things talked about at church so we all began answering her questions. It was a perfect, District worthy, example of how effective the gospel is spread when members and missionaries work together. We were able to talk about how God loves her and her daughter and testify of the great blessing of his Plan of Salvation. We talked about how it's only in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints that we can receive the FULLNESS of the everlasting gospel. At the end she was expressing to us her desire to meet with us and how she felt like it was the right path fro her to take. It was an incredible testimony builder for me. Missionary work is the most effective when someone is brought into the fold by a member. Members truly bring miracles and that's why a couple of conferences ago we were all told that every member is a missionary. As members of the church we all have the right and responsibility to share the gospel!

My 8 year old sister emailed me about a missionary moment that she had this week. She invited her friend and the friend's mom to a ward activity and she was so excited about it! She was just such a great example to me of how we have to do this work because we love the people and we love our Heavenly Father! We have been blessed with so much and now it's our turn to go out and share it! Always remember that you are on Heavenly Father's side and that means that every single time you try, you win! I want to encourage each one of you to pray specifically every night this week asking who Heavenly Father would have you share the gospel with. I promise that he'll be listening and as you promise to act according to His guidance you will see the miracles and joy that come along with sharing your testimony of the restored gospel. :)

I love you all! Thank you for the letters that I've gotten this week. I'm in the process of writing everyone back! Thank you for the countless prayers and support I know that I'm getting!

Sister Rachel Petrick

Sister Rachel Petrick
16 Park Lane
Dover, DE. 19904