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I have so many fun things to share with everyone this week! First, I'm in a trio again! That was kind of a shock, but we got Sister Van Arsdale on Wednesday. :) She's from Bountiful and she's awesome, we've been having a ton of fun and getting work done.

One part of missionary work that I have come to love is working with the members of the ward. In the Camden Ward we have so many people who are willing and excited to come out teaching with us, and it is such a blessing! Members add so much to our lessons. The hard thing is that as missionaries we move around. We're not here to stay. It's so important that the new members and those investigating have a friendly, constant face at church. This Ward goes above and beyond with their fellow- shipping efforts and we've been able to see miracles.

I was lucky enough to go out with a Sister in our Ward named Cindy Goodman. Sister Goodman was baptized almost a year and a half ago and she's going to the temple next Saturday to take out her endowments and she's basically the sweetest thing you'll ever see. When she got in the car with me she told me how nervous she was but she said "this is
the Lord's work and you're the Lord's servant, so I know that I'm in good hands." That simple testimony set the feeling for the whole day.

We were able to share the message of the Restoration with a man and Sister Goodman's testimony really solidified his understanding. I could see his understanding of the priesthood pop into place and I know that it's because this sweet woman went out of her way, went out of her comfort zone, to share what she knows to be true. Members bring
miracles! Every time, and I'd like to encourage all of you, if you're able, to go out teaching with the missionaries. I can promise that they will so greatly appreciate the offer.

We also had a powerful experience as we were doing stop bys last night. We have an investigator named Eugene who we've only briefly met. He's hard to catch and we haven't actually taught him just yet,
but we found him home and set up an appointment! Eugene works at the
car wash that we go to and the Elders started talking to him one day and gave him a Book of Mormon. He started reading and he LOVES it! He is obsessed with Mosiah. As we were talking I just kept having the thought to invite him to be baptized, and with how their comments were going, I could tell my companions had the same thought. We worked so
well together as we invited him to be baptized and explained more about the priesthood power he said "My baptism wasn't valid, I need to be baptized again!" It was incredible! He understood exactly why the priesthood is so vital and asked us to come back next week.

I love this gospel with every fiber of my being. I'm so grateful for this chance that I have to serve my Savior and learn how to follow him. Every day I realize how far from perfect I am, I realize a new
inadequacy or weakness, but I can say that I know that I can be strengthened by the infinite atonement that Christ suffered for each one of us individually. He knows us and how to help us perfectly. All
we have to do is ask and seek His help, but He's always there.


Sister Rachel Petrick

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