Monday, July 6, 2015

July 6, 2015

So this week has been one of those weeks where I feel like so much has happened and I'm so exhausted but at the same time I have no idea what to write about. So bear with me. :) 

This Sunday we had a mission fast for baptism. In January we set a goal to have 660 baptisms in 2015. That's a lot. And it comes to 3 per missionary. And we're halfway through the year and behind in our goal. So we all fasted! And I was very grateful for that opportunity. I have a strong testimony of fasting. I have seen miracles, I have heard miracle stories, and I know that when we fast with a prayer in our heart that fast will be answered. It's just a matter of us looking and listening. But Sister Ashcraft and I saw MIRACLES. We found a few new investigators that we are so excited about. 

We first talked to a man named Garret who was working up the street from where we live. The people who he was working for didn't seem too happy to see us, we found out later that they thought we were Jehovah's Witnesses, but Sister Ashcraft did her best talking to them while I talked with Garret. He asked about our tags and I was able to tell him a little bit about our church and about the Book of Mormon. He took it gladly and wrote our names and number in it and we're going to call later this week to set up an appointment. 

The next is a woman named Lillian. She was a former investigator who we decided to contact. When she answered the door she was kind of hesitant, but as I asked to share Because He Lives with her she opened up and let us in. She met with the Elders a long while ago and was excited to talk with us about Christ and his Atonement. She is a special lady. She loves the Savior so much and we can see that in her. We told her about the Book of Mormon as well and was able to give her a copy and she invited us back to tell her more about it later.

And then there's Kelly. She is incredible. She's come to church the last two weeks with a member of the ward who she works with and we have dinner with that member every Sunday night so we've gotten to know her a little bit. Yesterday as we were talking she had a lot of questions about things talked about at church so we all began answering her questions. It was a perfect, District worthy, example of how effective the gospel is spread when members and missionaries work together. We were able to talk about how God loves her and her daughter and testify of the great blessing of his Plan of Salvation. We talked about how it's only in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints that we can receive the FULLNESS of the everlasting gospel. At the end she was expressing to us her desire to meet with us and how she felt like it was the right path fro her to take. It was an incredible testimony builder for me. Missionary work is the most effective when someone is brought into the fold by a member. Members truly bring miracles and that's why a couple of conferences ago we were all told that every member is a missionary. As members of the church we all have the right and responsibility to share the gospel!

My 8 year old sister emailed me about a missionary moment that she had this week. She invited her friend and the friend's mom to a ward activity and she was so excited about it! She was just such a great example to me of how we have to do this work because we love the people and we love our Heavenly Father! We have been blessed with so much and now it's our turn to go out and share it! Always remember that you are on Heavenly Father's side and that means that every single time you try, you win! I want to encourage each one of you to pray specifically every night this week asking who Heavenly Father would have you share the gospel with. I promise that he'll be listening and as you promise to act according to His guidance you will see the miracles and joy that come along with sharing your testimony of the restored gospel. :)

I love you all! Thank you for the letters that I've gotten this week. I'm in the process of writing everyone back! Thank you for the countless prayers and support I know that I'm getting!

Sister Rachel Petrick

Sister Rachel Petrick
16 Park Lane
Dover, DE. 19904

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  1. We are now the Utah Logan Mission with a new motto from Elder Perry, "Go Forward with Zeal." Our new mission president is a successful farmer and he said we are throwing away the sickle, we are now Hastening the Work, to reap the harvest we are going to use the modern day swather. Love your thoughts