Monday, February 16, 2015

Joseph Prince and the Book Muhammed

Yah tua!

(that's hello in the African dialect I'm learning)

This last week has been a week of MIRACLES. So many incredible things
have happened. For those who don't know, as missionaries we set weekly
goals of things like how many investigators will be at church, how
many investigator lessons we'll teach with members present, how many
without, how many recent converts we'll teach and things like that.
This week my companions and I set our goals for what seemed reasonable
and then put everything one higher than that goal. We were determined
to push ourselves! And because we pushed ourselves and told Heavenly
Father we were determined to meet these goals, we saw miracles!

Our first miracles is Ellen. We met her on Tuesday and taught her
three times last week. We're teaching her VERY slowly, but she's
agreed to be baptized when she knows that this is the true church!!
And she WILL come to know that this church is true! She's hilarious.
She gets confused and always tells us "I want to learn more about
Joseph Prince and Muhammed." We have to correct her a lot, but she'll
get it.

Next miracle: McDonalds. We had interviews this week with President
and ended up going an hour early so we were behind and then missed a
lesson and then people weren't home so we decided to stop by McDonalds
for wifi. This man, Lou, came up to us and asked if we were the
missionaries. And just in case you missed that - HE came up to US. We
talked for a little bit, he had met the elders in our Ward and said he
would come to church and wanted us to apologize to them for him and
tell them that he didn't come because he was high. Hahahahah, it was
too great. He was kind of crazy, but still a child of God and I love
him. But as we were talking to us a woman came up to us - again, SHE
came up to US - and said "ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT JESUS???" And we
talked for a good 20 minutes and taught her the restoration and set up
a return appointment and she told me that I'm sweet as Apple pie!
McDonalds brings miracles everyone! Remember that.

I've also been learning a lot about teaching on Facebook. I've been
able to friend and teach many people living in Africa - it's
definitely an interesting experience, but Facebook is such an
incredible tool for sharing the gospel. It's amazing because
missionaries aren't able to physically be everywhere around the globe,
but with Facebook we can be. As you get in Facebook this week you
should all think about how you can share the gospel with what you post
and share to your wall. :)

Just so you all know, I will not be emailing next Monday! I know, I
know, no need to fret, my PDay has been moved to Tuesday. Since my
mission is one of the leading Facebook missions we're having a mission
wide conference and general authorities are coming to give us more
Facebook training so we can really magnify our purpose online. I'm

I love you all! Thank you to all the wars members who sent me letters
this week, it really meant to much!

Sister Petrick

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