Tuesday, November 3, 2015

November 3, 2015

She didn't send a big email this week. They spent their P-Day cleaning up the leaves in the yard of the family they live with. She said she has never experienced a fall like this one; huge trees and lots of them. We might hear from her on Saturday. They are having a P-Day again then, because they get to go to the temple on Monday. She said she might have time to write. I think being a Sister Trainer Leader makes her a lot busier.

Fyi- The mission has asked that Christmas packages be sent to the  mission office by December 2. They want  to make sure every missionary gets something. The mission home address is on the side bar <-. I can get you get direct address as well, I just decided posting that here is probably not the best idea!

Thanks for supporting our cute girl. She hit the one year mark on October 29! :-)

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