Monday, February 15, 2016

February 15, 2016

Well everyone, tomorrow I say goodbye to Vineland! I'm getting
transferred and I leave tomorrow morning so I apologize in advance
that this will be a shorter email. Being a missionary for 15 months
really helps you accumulate a whole lot of stuff and packing takes a

But I did want to share a few highlights of the week:

First, Lillie came to church this week! She couldn't stay the whole
time because her knee is still really bothering her from her surgery
but when we went and visited her afterward she told us that for the
first time her and her grandkids were just quiet all day because she
felt the spirit so strongly at church. I have been so grateful for
Lillie! I'm sad that I won't be here for her baptism, but I'm grateful
that I've been able to see the gospel bless her life so much already.
Her baptism will be such a special day. :)

This week we also met a woman named Ruth. She's actually a preacher of
another church. She let us in and we introduced her to the Book of
Mormon and she was so excited! She jumped at the chance to read it! We
shared with her some of our favorite passages about Christ and she
said right then and there that she believed that it was true. And she
invited us back!

This was a wonderful week! I'll include some pictures since I'm making
this so short. I'll let you all know where I end up next Monday!

I love you all!

Sister Rachel Petrick

The Vineland Gang for the last time, and us and Vaughnie and Adam. :)

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