Monday, March 30, 2015


Hello all!

This week has basically had it all. We've had incredibly spiritual lessons, lessons that fell through, doors slammed in our face, tears shed out of frustration and out of joy, and just some amazing miracles!

One of the funniest moments came from an extremely awkward door approach. For those who I haven't told, I'm currently training a brand new missionary, or a golden as we call them in the PPM, and this was her first time she has ever taken the lead with a door approach. As I'm sure many of you have heard, the church has just released a new Easter video called Because He Lives. If you haven't watched this video yet I would strongly encourage you to do so. It's an amazing
reminder of all the Savior has done for us and how we can show our gratitude for His great sacrifice. So we were approaching this door with the plan on showing the video to whoever opened the door. A cute old man opened the door and Sister Shaffer started introducing
the video, she was doing a great job, and this man out of nowhere yelled "I CANT GET INVOLVED WITH JEHOVAHS WITTNESSES," threw some pebbles at us, and slammed the door. While we didn't get the chance to show it here, I've also seen miracles come from showing this video. One woman in particular looked so uncomfortable as I bore my testimony
and asked to show her the video. But as she watched her countenance changed completely and she asked for cards to show her friends and family. I am so incredibly grateful for the Savior and this Easter season that we have to focus on all that He has given to us all! :)

The highlight of the week was definitely Saturday night, the women's session of General conference. Before the session started our stake had a celebration to honor all of the women who made covenants in 2014. With the logistics of my ward with many of the Africans and
their humble circumstances we weren't sure if many of our women would
be able to attend. But us Sister Missionaries and the relief society
worked together and planned out rides for many of the members. We ended up having 42 members of our Ward at this celebration! Which actually ended up being the highest attending ward and that was nothing short of a miracle! All night my heart was so full of love for these amazing, covenant women who I'm so privileged to serve.

We also have a new Ward Mission Leader who I am so excited to work with! I have so greatly looked up to this family since my first week here. He and his wife taught the combined third hour lesson yesterday
at church and it was all about spreading the gospel. He started by leading all those there in the wave. Let me say that again - we did THE WAVE at CHURCH. Hahahah, it was so wonderful! He wanted to make a
point in the fact that everyone needs to be working together in order for our ward and Heavenly Father's kingdom to prosper. The whole time we focused on the ripple effect. And what that means is that we first focus on our own testimonies. We grow and learn and individually become converted. As we're doing that, the next ripple is the family
unit. We strengthen our families and set goals together to become better. We then branch out to the community and share the gospel with those around us. And sharing the gospel can be so easy! It's as easy as sharing a gospel message on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram or
inviting a friend to your home to watch general conference.

Heavenly Father's work is hastening and we all have a part in it. We all add so much!! As we approach general conference this weekend I would like to encourage everyone to go with an open heart asking Heavenly Father how we can share his message with the world. I know
that as we all set this as a goal we will truly be able to aide the work in His vineyard. I love you all so much more than I could describe and I'm so grateful to be here in Philadelphia sharing the
good news of Christ's gospel and I know that He lives! I know that this message is true and that sharing it brings more joy than you can imagine!

So much love,
Sister Rachel Petrick


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