Monday, March 16, 2015


Ya Tua!!
So I do have some exciting news this week! We got transfer calls on Friday and unfortunately, Trifecta is coming to an end. (long story, but that's what a ward member called our companionship so we go with it) Sister Ririe will be transferred to a new area, Sister Reed and I will be staying in Havertown! I will probably have to drive in Philly.
Pray for me please.
We were able to teach so many amazing lessons this week! We have so many people who we're teaching that are making changes in their lives so that they can better rely on the spirit. Some of the choices haven't been the best, but as they make these choices they're learning
more about how the Spirit directs them personally and it's been so incredible to see! It's also been teaching me so much about how the Spirit communicates with me. I've always known of moments when I've felt the Spirit, but feeling the Spirit and relying on the Spirit are i completely different things. Relying on the Spirit can be so hard. It requires patience, love, and obedience, but the reward is pure joy!!
I'm still learning bit by bit how to rely on that Spirit but I know that as we come to know how the Spirit communicates with us we'll be able to better rely on him and the Savior as they direct our paths. :)
I was also mistaken for a gypsy this week, it was awesome. Hahahah. We
were walking down the streets in Philly, and I'm convinced that this was because I was wearing my pink flowy skirt, and we said hello to this man on the side of the street. (The streets of Philly are full of
psychos, be careful kids, don't talk to strangers unless the Spirit directs you to) He looked at us after we said hello and said "Look at the pigeons gypsies, look at the pigeons. Bless the pigeons, gypsies,
the pigeons....." We started walking away and this man followed us. He followed us all the way into an African store owned by one of our investigators and she kicked him out. Hahahah, it was hilarious.
There's not a lot to report. Life is good, the Church is SO true, I love being a missionary. The Lord is hastening His work and I'm so grateful to be a part of it. I also have a request! Could everyone
please send me your favorite scripture? Thank you and I love you all!
So much love,
Sister Rachel Petrick

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  1. Helaman 5:12 has been a favorite for a long time