Monday, March 2, 2015

That time we go yelled at in McDonalds...

Hello everyone!

I hope you all had a great week! I love reading all of the email updates from everyone. Sorry if I don't answer you all, I promise I read and love each and every email that I get!

This week was definitely a great one! I guess I'll start with where my subject line came from. We went to McDonald's this week to use Facebook for the last time (I'll be off of Facebook for about 3 or so months while we get retrained on the new iPads, which I'll be getting tomorrow).  Our wifi wasn't working so instead of actually getting on Facebook we started talking to this old man, Chris. Chris was the sweetest thing and we started telling him about the temple and he was getting super excited. Then someone from across the restaurant called over to him and said "They're the Mormons, Chris. Like I'm Mormon." We got really excited about talking to this man so we started to go over to him and he immediately told us to stop and not come closer. We were really confused and Sister Reed started walking over again just because we didn't know what was happening and this man started just yelling at us and he was directing it all mainly toward Sister Reed because she was trying to talk to him. He got really angry and stormed off. Chris told us afterward that he had been really angry with the church since his mother died. His mother was a member and no one ever came to visit her when she got sick so he was really bitter. As I was talking to Chris Sister Reed went and apologized to a family who was sitting near the other man and talked to them for a little bit. She came back over and sort of apologized to us for it all and said that as much as she wanted to turn around and walk away the spirit told her to stand there. She said she felt a lot like Abinadi at that moment. I told her not to apologize because even though we don't know who, I was sure that the Alma was there listening. So there's that fun story! 

This week we also had a day that was almost entirely dedicated to service and it's probably one of my favorite days of the mission so far. It's been pretty cold here in Pennsylvania lately so my ward organized a donation drive for blankets, space heaters, coats, and any other warmth providing item. We handed TONS of things out at church last week and then loaded our car with everything left over. We spent a day this week driving to the houses of members who we knew didn't have heat or didn't have coats and we were able to provide so much for so many people. It was amazing to see everyone's face light up as they opened the door and saw the blankets in our arms. It has been such a humbling experience to be serving the people in this ward. I am so grateful for this opportunity and for the testimony that I've gained of service.

We also had in INCREDIBLE lesson with our investigators Martha and Presider this week. I don't know how much I've said about these girls, but I truly love them so so much and they've grown so much in the two months that I've known them. We decided that we wanted to have a lesson all about the Savior and strengthening our faith in Him. We talked about all He did when He was on the earth and watched the Bible video called For God so Loved the Earth. We then talked about the Atonement and how everything the Savior ever did was for us. How it was all for Martha and Presider because He loves them and we read in 3 Nephi 11 when Christ appears in the Americas. We asked the girls how they would feel if what we read happened to them and they both talked about how excited they would be and how much they would love to know the Savior. As we taught this lesson I know that these girls felt the Holy Ghost testify to them that the Savior loves them. I know because I felt that witness myself. I'm so grateful for my Savior and I know that He suffered and died for me and because he suffered for me only He knows how to help me through my struggles. I know that He lives! I know that He strengthens each and every one of us. And I know that He loves us more than we can possibly comprehend. I love being a missionary and I love sharing what I've come to know with the people of Philadelphia. :)

So much love,
Sister Rachel Petrick 

The video is my adorable African grandma, sister Boyoue. Enjoy. :)
And then me and Davidson and me and Lilly, who is probably the cutest little girl I've ever seen in my life. 

Davidson and Rachel
Lily and Rachel

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